Samsung Galaxy Fold price, specs and preorder guide

Excited to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Fold? Here's what you need to know about the price, release date and even how to get your preorder ready.


Folded phones have been the talk of the town for a good bit now and Samsung is finally ready to help take your smartphone to new levels with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the world’s first dynamic AMOLED infinity flex display. If you’re excited about picking up one of these bad boys, then you’re going to need to know the phone’s price, specs and release date.

Galaxy Fold Models and Prices

If you’re looking to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Fold, then you’re going to need to be ready to drop a nice chunk of change. Right now, the full details about the various models—memory size and so on—aren’t really known, but we do have some details to share about the Galaxy Fold. For starters, the phone will be available through AT&T and T-Mobile in the second quarter of 2019. Those looking to pick up the phone will be able to purchase it starting at $1,980 USD.

Samsung Galaxy Fold closed
The Samsung Galaxy Fold acts as a phone until you unfold it, revealing a 7.3 inch tablet.

As we said above, there aren’t any details on whether they will include any additional models, though we do suspect that they will offer some different memory sizes for those who need less or more internal memory depending on their usual phone usage.

Galaxy Fold Specifications

Display Main display: 7.3” QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED (4.2:3)
Cover display: 4.6 ” HD+ Super AMOLED (21:9)

Cover camera: 10MP Selfie Camera, F2.2

Rear triple camera: 16MP Ultra Wide Camera, F2.2; 12MP Wide-angle Camera, Dual Pixel AF, OIS, F1.5/F2.4; 12MP Telephoto Camera, PDAF, OIS, F2.4, 2X optical zoom

Front dual camera: 10MP Selfie Camera, F2.2; 8MP RGB Depth Camera, F1.9

AP 7nm 64-bit Octa-core processor
Memory 12GB RAM(LPDDR4x), 512GB (UFS3.0)
Battery 4,380mAh (typical) Fast Charging compatible on wired and wireless

NOTES: Wired charging compatible with QC2.0 and AFC; Wireless charging compatible with WPC and PMA
OS Android 9.0 (Pie)

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Galaxy Preorder Details

Samsung haven’t revealed an official preorder date for the Galaxy Fold just yet, but we do know that the phone will be available on carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T in the second quarter of 2019. Exactly when is still in the air, though, so we’ll be sure to provide more information on that when it becomes available. You can also learn more about the Galaxy S10, which Samsung also revealed this week.

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