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How to unlock and craft new gear in Anthem game

Learn how to unlock crafting and make new weapons and gear in Anthem.


As you progress deeper into Anthem’s story, you’ll need to start looking into upgrades for your Javelin. Upgrades are the number one way that you’ll make your suit stronger, which is something you’ll want to become acquainted with early on, especially if you plan on taking part in end-game content. While you can acquire new loot through sheer luck and loot drops, crafting is one of the best ways to get your hand on better gear. This guide will show you how to unlock crafting and go over the basic knowledge you need to know to dive right in.

How to Unlock Crafting in Anthem

Like many things in the game, crafting is not available right from the start in Anthem. Instead, you’ll need to play through the game until you can talk to a man named Prospero near the area that you launch expeditions. Prospero will send you on a brief mission to collect Embers, one of the few necessary crafting components available in Anthem. This is also where you’ll learn about Freeplay.

Anthem forge overview
Players can craft different components for each portion of their Javelin.

Once you have obtained the Embers, head back to Fort Tarsis and talk to Prospero again. He’ll unlock crafting as well as his Vanity Store, which you can use to purchase special skins and even some crafting components.

Now that you’ve unlocked crafting, you can start making your own weapons, items and other gear. As stated above, this is the primary way that you’ll provide upgrades for your Javelin, so make sure you’re taking time to search for resources every few missions, that way you don’t end up having to grind them out too much down the line.

Crafting Resources

With crafting finally unlocked, it’s time to start molding your Javelin with your own upgrades and crafted gear. You can craft everything from weapons to different parts for your Javelin. Before you can do this, though, you’re going to need to know about the different resources available to you.

Purchase crafting materials from the store in Anthem
You can purchase crafting materials from the stores in Fort Tarsis.

There are five primary crafting materials you need to worry about:

  • Weapon Parts
  • Embers
  • Chimeric Alloy
  • Chimeric Compound
  • Javelin-specific Parts

Each item listed above can be obtained through different means, though you shouldn’t ever have much trouble building up those reserves. Javelin-specific parts are broken down from their respective Javelins. For example, Ranger Parts will come from breaking down Ranger-specific items, while Storm Parts will come from breaking down Storm-specific gear. On top of gathering these items, you can also purchase them Prospero’s Vanity Store, as well as Sayrna’s Regulator Store. Now that you know a bit more about the different resources you’ll need, let’s move on to the next portion of this guide, blueprints.

How to Unlock Blueprints

Blueprints are the actual items that you’ll craft gear based on. To craft any weapon or piece of gear, you’re going to need to first obtain its blueprint. Unfortunately, blueprints can only be obtained one way, by completing different Challenges in Anthem. You can check out the various Challenges available from the menu, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on those Challenges and working towards completing them if you want to unlock more blueprints.

Anthem challenge overview
You can view your challenges at anytime by opening the Cortex.

There are a few different blueprints you can unlock in Anthem:

  • Weapons
  • Weapon Sigils
  • Ammo and Armor Components
  • Javelin Abilities
  • Ability and Elemental Components

We’ll cover each of these items more in-depth in future guides, but for now you should have a solid understanding of Anthem’s basic crafting components. Now it's time to talk about crafting itself.

How to Craft

To craft new items, you will need to visit the Forge and load up the Javelin that you want to craft items for. As covered above, you can craft almost all the different components for your Javelin, including weapons, sigils and so on down that line.

To craft an item for your Javelin, locate the type of item you want to make. You can do this by selecting the item on your Javelin that you want to customize. Once here, look for the Craft option at the top. Here you’ll be able to see all the blueprints you have available, and then you can highlight the object you want to craft and make it. Once it is crafted, make sure you visit the previous tab to equip the item.

Now that you know more about crafting, make sure you return to our Anthem guide to learn more about the game, including where you can find some of the resources and items that we’ve listed above.


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