Axiom Verge is free now on Epic Games Store

A Metroidvania hit that launched in 2015, Axiom Verge is headed to the Epic Games store and will be free for a limited time.


As part of the Epic Games store's series of changing free games coming to the platform, gamers are getting access to one of the best titles from 2015. Axiom Verge is the free title on the Epic Games store from now until February 21, 2019. Act quickly and you can claim this hit Metroidvania for your library.

In Axiom Verge, players face biomechanoid constructs after a lab accident drops a scientist into a strange world. You'll have to break the game itself using glitches to defeat enemies and solve the game's puzzles. All you need to claim the game on the Epic Games store is a free account.

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The Epic Games store debuted in December 2018, touting a larger revenue cut for developers to make the storefront more enticing. It did so with a handful of exclusives and the reveal that there'd be a rotating free game on the platform every month. The first was Subnautica and that was immediately followed by Super Meat Boy, What Remains of Edith Finch, and Jackbox Part Pack 1.

The platform hasn't been met with all roses, though, as the Metro series was review bombed on Steam when it was revealed that Metro Exodus was switched to being an Epic Games store exclusive on PC after having already started preorders on Steam and other digital PC gaming platforms. There are bound to be more turbulent events like this in the future as Epic Games attempts to secure more exclusives and bring more value to the storefront.

If you haven't given Axiom Verge a chance but enjoy Metroidvania titles, here's an excerpt from the review written by Ozzie Mejia:

"...just like any good game in this genre, the joy is in exploration. Axiom Verge continues adding new ways to explore the game's world by sprinkling in jump upgrades, mini drones, and the ability to teleport. It does a great job in encouraging users to play around with all of their toys to find their next destination. Of course, there are no obvious indicators of where to go next and there's no way to mark off the rooms that have already explored, which can be frustrating when getting lost. It's the nature of the beast, for better or worse, but it would have been nice to have at least some indicator of where to go next after running along the same hamster wheel for hours at a time."

The free games on the Epic Games store don't require a subscription of any kind, so hurry up and claim Axiom Verge before you forget and the window closes. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional gaming and tech updates.

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