The Division 2 interview: Growing and expanding from the first game

The Division 2's team spoke with Shacknews about what to expect from the latest entry in The Division.


Looking forward to The Division 2? You don't have too much longer left to wait, and we've got all the details you could want about the upcoming game for your perusal here at Shacknews, starting with this awesome new interview.

Live Content Manager Yannick Banchereau at Massive Entertainment spoke with Shacknews about some of what players can expect when The Division 2 debuts on March 15.

For one, players won't have to worry about jumping ship from the first game if they're still playing it, because the servers aren't being shut down. There's room enough for both games, it appears, which is great news.

"At the end of the day, we'd like for everyone to come to The Division 2, of course, but that being said, we are not ending support on The Division. We are not going to stop running the servers. We will keep it running like that for sure. We want to respect the experience and time of the people who play it as well," said Banchereau. He confirmed that the team will keep supporting the game as long as there are players."The Division 2 is built on three years of experience of running the first game. The important thing for us was to start with all the learnings and experience we acquired from the first game."

There's already a full year of content planned for the game after it debuts, which should please longtime fans. If you haven't been keeping tabs, The Division 2 is the sequel to the original Ubisoft game, developed by Massive Entertainment. It's a third-person online title that takes place in Washington D.C. 7 months after The Division. A war between survivors and marauders has broken out, and players must cooperate with each other to complete various objectives. There will also be a selection of raids you can go on, which support up to 8 players.

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