Retro-Bit showcases new Wavedash wireless GameCube controller

TTX and Retro-Bit have teamed up to create a new wireless version of the GameCube controller.


Retro-Bit has made quite a name for itself when it comes to retro gaming gear, offering up an assortment of various pieces that old-school gamers can purchase to help their trips down memory lane. More recently, though, they’ve caught the attention of older gamers thanks to the announcement of their upcoming wireless GameCube controller, which was developed and created by TTX Tech.

Built to resemble the original GameCube controller, the new Wavedash wireless controller features the same design as well as support for the rumble pack. This allows you to experience the genuine feel of a GameCube controller, but with wireless capabilities. It’s a really good idea and based on the design we were shown at CES, the controller is a really good replica of the original, which means it should fit that authentic feel that the creators were reaching for. There’s no current MSRP on the Wavedash controller, though they did state in the overview they gave us that it will probably debut for around $25 to $30 depending.

On top of the Wavedash, though, there is an assortment of other great retro gaming gear available through Retro-Bit. You can check out their full catalogue to see all the various items they have available, and be sure to check out the video that we’ve included above to see a broad overview of the items you can expect to see from them this year.

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