Does Kingdom Hearts 3 have Final Fantasy characters?

Find out whether Kingdom Hearts 3 has Final Fantasy characters.


Ever since the first Kingdom Hearts game, Final Fantasy characters have become a bit of an expectation in the series and many players diving into the various worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3 have been wondering, where are all of the Final Fantasy characters? Are they even in the game? We’ve got the answer that you’re searching for, so let’s dive right in.

Are There Final Fantasy Characters in Kingdom Hearts 3?

The short answer, unfortunately, is not many. While you’d expect to see some characters like Sephiroth, or even some of the cast from 2016’s Final Fantasy 15, such as Noctis or Prospero, the game is pretty light on characters from the popular series, with only three real references to the series even appearing in the game at all. While Final Fantasy characters might be in short supply, you should make sure you know who the key characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 are, so you can follow the story properly.

The first reference can be seen during the opening cinematic of the Toy Story world, where the cinematic almost makes you feel like you’ll see some of the Final Fantasy 15 crew in the game. However, the hope that you’ll see some of the newer members of the Final Fantasy series appearing in the game quickly fades as it’s revealed that Rex is actually playing a video game. It’s a quick cut that might be missed if you aren’t careful, but it is there.

The second reference also comes in the Toy Story world, when Sora has to find a way up to a vent that is just a bit out of reach. To get to it you’ll need to build a path up using some building blocks in the room. Upon finishing the path, you’ll be able to see the reference in full swing as the blocks made up a Cactuar, one of the cheekier enemies from the Final Fantasy series.

You’ll also find the merchant, Moogle in Twilight Town, who is still busy selling off his Potions and other items. If you aren’t familiar with the Moogles, they have been a bit of a mainstay for the Final Fantasy series for a while now and can be found in almost every world in the game. Aside from this, though, Final Fantasy characters and references are a bit disappointing in Kingdom Hearts 3. Maybe we’ll see more of them down the line. For now, be sure to head back to our Kingdom Hearts 3 home page for more coverage on Sora, Donald and Goofy’s latest adventure.

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