Sony Santa Monica will talk God of War dev rules at GDC 2019

If you're keen on learning more about God of War's creation, you won't want to miss this talk.


Curious to know more about God of War and how it came to be? You'll want to head to GDC this year. 

Rob Davis, Sony Santa Monica's lead level designer on God of War, will be leading a talk at GDC 2019 called "The Level Design of God of War." If you'e interested in learning more about the game's approach to level design, you'll be able to attend his Level Design Workshop as he breaks it all down.

Davis will guide attendees through his process of breaking down over 10 years of design rules formed over seven God of War titles, while explaining how he and his team came up with 6 new level design rules for the new vision of God of War. He'll also discuss some of the team's best practices for going from simple concept to completed game.

This panel is part of a larger selection of other God of War content scheduled for GDC 2019, including "Reinventing God of War," where creative director Cory Barlog will be on hand to discuss the game's lengthy development process and how it came to be the success it is today.

There are several others you can attend, including "Keyframes and Cardboard Props: The Cinematic Process Behind 'God of War," "Taking an Axe to 'God of War' Gameplay," "Evolving Combat in 'God of War' For a A New Perspective," and several others you can read about via the official GDC website.

Ozzie Mejia reviewed God of War at Shacknews and awarded it a 9 out of 10, commenting:

"God of War feels like a breath of fresh air, thanks to a reimagined world and some deeper customization features. But at the root of the game is the classic God of War combat, slightly less gory but only slightly less grisly. Tearing monsters apart bare-handed is just as much of a rush as it ever was. And that's good, because even if it's time to grow up, it's okay not to change too much."

Are you going to be attending GDC or any of the God of War-centric talks? Let us know in the comments below. See you there!

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