MFL predicts Nuked London Hatriots will win Mayhem Bowl LIII

Mutant Football League has made a major prediction about the potential winner of Mayhem Bowl LIII.


Looking forward to the Super Bowl? What about the Mayhem Bowl? You should keep an eye on that, too, as Mutant Football League's Mayhem Bowl championship predictions are getting pretty exciting. Recently, the game's Nuked London Hatriots took the Los Scandalous Damned in the game's Mayhem Bowl LIII simulation in a 27 to 25 overtime victory.

The "world's most hated" football team's star quarterback Bomb Shady was the ticket to the team's win in Mutant Football League, which lead to the Nuked London Patriots' sixth Mayhem Bowl championship win. This could mean that's how the actual Mayhem Bowl will end up, and you can see it all unfold in the video below.

There are two competitions coming up from Digital Dreams Entertainment and Esports Labs running alongside each other: the Mayhem Bowl Massacre and Dynasty King, held on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with cash prizes up to $1,500. The Mayhem Bowl Massacre is being held on February 2 and is a competitive tournament that has players going head to head in a brutal game mode with high death index ratings. The idea is for the players to aim to "massacre" the competition so that the other team will have to concede.

The Dynasty King tournament will be going throughout the entire month of February and will offer players competition that happens at a slower, relaxed pace. They'll be the GM and coach of their own Mutant League Football team and compete against other single players to build and manage the most popular franchise they possibly can. The player with the highest revenue by February 28 will win.

There are plenty more festivities surrounding the Super Mayhem Bowl s well, such as the availability of the LA Power Pack DLC for $1.99. It comes with the Los Scandalous Damned team, Los Scandalous Volts, the Los Scandalous Shake N Bake Arena, and Mutant Cyborgs. right now, Mutant Football League: Dynasty edition is on sale for the first time since it made its terrifying debut at 35 percent off its normal price through February 5. It's available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

If you're a Mutant Football League player, you know you'd better be playing with the Leaveland Burns and Massive Khan.

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