Dead or Alive 6 roster grows with the return of Raidou

The hype train for Dead or Alive 6 is at full blast as KOEI TECMO announces Raidou's return, making the roster even larger.


Fans of the Dead or Alive series are eagerly awaiting the next entry in the fighting series, and today KOEI TECMO has some news to share with all the Dead or Alive fans out there. The upcoming entry in the series, Dead or Alive 6 is still shaping up to be a fun romp and today players have learned that Raidou is returning, adding one more head to the game’s roster.

On top of Raidou’s return, players can also get a glimpse at a couple of new arenas that will be joining the game’s diverse line-up of stages, giving players even more places to beat their opponents to a pulp. We’ve included some screenshots of the new stages here, so that you can see them for yourself.

Dead or Alive APO stage
Face off against your enemies in this new stage for Dead or Alive 6.

Raidou was once known as the most dangerous and evil ninja in the Dead or Alive universe, and now he’s back to bring even more pain to those he faces off against. As a powerhouse, Raidou favors power-focused attacks, making use of his massive physique to slam opponents down while also unleashing a series of destructive strikes against them. He’s also able to mimic the attacks of others, mixing in his own moves like Rekku-Jinraisatsu and Tenho-Gorai-Sho.

On top of the new arenas and Raidou, Dead or Alive 6 will also include two new modes, Quest and Training. In Quest, players can clear various missions during their matchsets. This will reward them with points, allowing them to unlock a multitude of different cosmetic items for the different characters in the game.

Dead or Alive 6 chinese festival arena
Players can also face off against their enemies in this new arena inspired by a Chinese festival.

In Training, players can improve their fighting ability by learning every aspect of the fighting system used in Dead or Alive. This mode will act as an in-depth tutorial, showing players everything they need to know to come out on top when they go into battle.

Dead or Alive 6 will release on March 1 of this year, you can learn more about the game by heading to the official website. Make sure you also keep an eye on our Dead or Alive 6 home page for more news and information about the game.

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