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SCUM update patch notes focus on bugs, exploits

The "dead game" SCUM just got a hefty patch fixing bugs, exploits, and more based on complaints from the game's community.


In response to some unkind evaluations from gamers, Gamepires would like the world to know that the team's "dead" survival game is getting a new update. SCUM last received an update in late December and some other development happenings around that time may paint a negative picture, but patch shows that development continues onward.

The brunt of the patch notes for update focuses on bug fixes, exploit fixes, and quality-of-life changes for the dedicated community still attempting to survive SCUM's dangerous world. Below, you'll find some highlights from the SCUM Steam page and you can read the full breakdown there.

SCUM update patch bugs exploit fixes

Bug and exploit fixes

  • Fixed a bug where adding items to a backpack full of items or dropping that backpack on the ground produced an absurd amount of AI noise that attracted puppets.
  • Implement ability to list spawned vehicles, teleport to spawn a vehicle and destroy spawned vehicle via admin console command
  • Fixed a bug where the player was able to drag the sledge while other player is mounted on it or is standing on it.
  • Fixed a bug where grenades did not collide with cars.
  • Items cannot be dragged anymore if someone is standing on them. (Chests, shelters etc..)
  • Fixed a bug where event participant stats in scoreboard were not being shown properly upon joining the event.

Balance and quality-of-life changes

  • Vitamins (all medicine) do not get destroyed now once you consume all uses.
  • Improvised wooden spear now has the same weight as long wooden stick 400 grams
  • Stinging nettle does not have infinite uses anymore
  • Baked beans now need a can opener to be able to open it.
  • Fixed misspelling in "Bear Shoes" item

Landscape and architecture fixed

  • Added possible fortification places on 4 sides on the lighthouse.
  • Moved big stone that was offset from the terrain on A1
  • Fixed a bug where rain was falling through the TV base on A3
  • A house was in the air (player could get inside the house through bottom floor) B3, water pump was below terrain on B3

New admin commands

  • #ListSpawnedVehicles
    • Prints list of all spawned vehicles. Each vehicle has its ID, last access time and location printed.
  • #TeleportToVehicle
    • Teleports invoking player to the specified vehicle. Vehicle ID is displayed via #ListSpawnedVehicles.
  • #DestroyVehicle
    • Destroys the specified vehicle. Vehicle ID is displayed via #ListSpawnedVehicles.


  • In this patch, server optimizations should give to up 30% of a server boost, so less lag and better stability.
  • Anti-cheat improvements.
  • Client optimizations for better game performance.

A few days ago, Gamepires' marketing manager Tena published a lengthy letter to the community that included work-in-progress info for upcoming SCUM content. The team recently moved to a new office, opening up more space for new hires. A chunk of the letter is related to complaints from the community that have been addressed in the latest patch. The Gamepires team has also been working on some updated weapon animations, a new crossbow, and some "super secret cool new stuff".

SCUM is available now in Early Access on Steam for $19.99. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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