Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 gets emotional new trailer

The Life is Strange 2 narrative expands with the addition of the second episode, out this week.


Life is Strange 2's second episode has been a long time coming, especially since it's been quite a while since we got a chance to check out the first portion of the emotional adventure.

Now, the second episode of Life is Strange 2 has gotten a launch trailer ahead of its official drop on January 24, which is in just a couple of days. We're affectionately nicknaming this particular video the "bad haircut trailer" for reasons that will soon come to light when you watch it. This time around, we get to see a familiar face once more, namely Chris from The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Sean and Daniel reach their grandparents' house, and apparently plan to stay there, but what twists and turns will occur that mean they won't be able to make this a permanent thing? 

It looks like the perfect opportunity to fill in the blanks on what happened to Chris following his near-miss "accident" where it appeared he had powers in the short prologue game, and how it was actually Daniel's powers that kept him from going splat. All of that is explored in the video, which acts as a bit of a recap to keep players apprised on what happened in the first episode in case they forgot.

This second episode looks to be even more action-packed than the original, which was a mind-blowing chapter in the Life is Strange saga that finally ditched Chloe and Max for a far more interesting story with much less unneeded teenage angst. As great as those games were to play, Chloe did begin to grate on the nerves awfully fast.

Can't wait to see the bad haircut trailer? If that doesn't make sense, it certainly will when you watch it. Press play above and sit back to see what's going to happen next, which hopefully includes her getting some sort of new look, because this one isn't working for her so well.

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