Type and dodge in wacky The Textorcist on Valentine's Day

The Textorcist will put your typing skills and knowledge to the test.


If you're a fan of bullet hell games and typing at the speed of light, you might consider checking out The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia.

This intriguing cross between typing adventures and shooters lets you dodge bullets while typing up exorcisms at the same time. Yes, you read that correctly. The Textorcist is all bout exorcising demons and brushing up your typing skills. You'll take on the role of private exorcist Ray Bibbia, who's up against a demonic outbreak as well as the darkness of his past. As he traverses a gritty city riddled with crime, he's got to do everything he can to rid the world of demons and their associates. Oh, and there's a sprinkling of jokes and metal in it for good measure.

You can learn how to type out exorcisms via your keyboard or game controller while dealing with "puddles of barf, defusing bombs, singing at the mic of a metal show, and more." It sounds crazy, but it just might work. If your fingers move at the speed of light across your keyboard, you shouldn't have any difficulty knocking these demons' lights out.

The craziness is set to go down on Valentines Day, or February 14 as the game drops on PC via Steam on that day. It's definitely a little hard to explain, but it certainly looks like a lot of fun, peppered with interesting levels and character design. Also, the game logo is pretty spiffy as well – gotta love that pixel look, with lots of great font design. 

If you're interested in checking the game out, let us know in the comments below. It could be exciting in the vein of games like Typing of the Dead, melded with your favorite bullet hell titles. We'll have to give it a gander and see.

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