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Are there Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online?

Find out everything you need to know about Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online.


One of the biggest attractions for players who enjoy the hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2 was hunting down and killing some of the largest, strongest creatures in the game, Legendary Animals. These massive beasts provided quite a nice reward if you took them down, and many players diving into Red Dead Online have been wondering where these Legendary Animals are, and if they can hunt them down in online with their friends.

Are Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online?

Yes, there are Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online. While not previously available in the online portion of the game, Legendary Animals have made the jump to Red Dead Online as part of the update which added the Naturalist job role. Players can now acquire a Legenday Animal Map and start hunting the various high-profile creatures hidden around the game world.

If you want to go hunting for new Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online, then you're going to need to pick up the Naturalist Frontier Pursuit job, which can be purchased using 25 Gold Bars in-game. Once purchased, you'll receive a variety of items, including the Legendary Animal Map. Unlike the Legendary Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2's campaign, those that you come across in Red Dead Online will be a bit random at times, not always spawning in the areas that they are supposed to be. Since many of them do not have missions associated with them, it's simply up to your own luck and RNG to find and take down these rare beasts.

Hunting animals in Red Dead Online
Hunting is a good way to make some extra cash in Red Dead Online.

Some of the Legendary Animals that have appeared in Red Dead Online can also only be found by taking on specific missions which require you to visit Harriet Davenport and level up your Naturalist role level. Once unlocked, these missions will take you to the location of these rare creatures, allowing you to either sedate and grab blood samples, or hunt them down and return their bodies to Gus MacMillan, a famed Trapper who can be found throughout the game world. If you're looking to show off your skills as a hunter, then you'll probably want to check out the items that Gus has to offer, including some iconic animal-themed coats and hats.

Now that you know how that there are Legenday Animals in Red Dead Online, you can return to our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough for more help in the game.

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