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SEGA AGES' Out Run races onto Nintendo Switch

The SEGA AGES version of Out Run is coming to Nintendo Switch to fill that racing niche.


Looking for another racing game experience to add to your collection of Switch games?

You can now pick up Out Run, part of the SEGA AGES collection, on Nintendo Switch for $7.99. The game features new motion controls as well as a new ranking system that enhances how you tear up the streets of the original arcade racer. It also includes new tracks added for the 3DS version of Out Run and all-new ranged versions of songs from the Genesis and Master System versions like "MIDNIGHT HIGHWAY -PLAYBACK-" and a chip tune version fo "RADIATION" from Out Run 2006: Coast 2 Coast.

The Switch version, now conveniently portable, brings back the same stages and soundtracks from when you grew up enjoying it in arcades. If you've got a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket, you can pick it up to take with you everywhere starting today. And this is far from the only racing game on Switch, but it may be one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable. Check it out in the short clip below, where you can take a first look at the cult classic. 

As a fun tidbit, Sega has reminded us the Out Run was first conceived as a racing game called Dead Heat, which put you in a Formula One race car – but then it changed to a driving simulator with commercial cars to "set it apart." It was actually modeled after the same race seen in the film The Cannonball Run before both Yoji Ishii and Yu Suzuki decided to change the location to Europe for its variety of different landscapes.

Interested in burning up the road and zooming off into the night? Out Run should be out on the Nintendo Switch eShop now for you to get your racing on.

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