Overwatch Ana's Bastet Challenge brings new Ana sprays, skin

Overwatch Ana mains will have some fun new goodies to look forward to with this event.


Overwatch Ana's Bastet Challenge brings new Ana sprays, skinOverwatch fans have plenty to look forward to when they log into the game today.

From January 8 through January 21, the game will feature a new event in the form of Ana's Bastet Challenge. During the event, players can undergo trials to earn five sprays, a player icon, a victory pose, and an epic Bastet Ana skin, which means eight new rewards for going to the trouble of completing it.

Participating in the event is easy. You can earn rewards for playing in the Arcade, but you'll also get goodies for wins in Quick Play and Competitive Play too. If you win three games, you'll get a player icon. Win six games, and you'll get a victory pose. Win nine games, and you get the coveted Bastet Ana skin.

You don't just have to play to earn, though. You can also watch Twitch streamers between matches or even during them to unlock additional Bastet-themed cosmetics. A few select content creators from around the world will be bringing special Twitch Drops showing off memorable moments from the "Bastet" short story. You can watch them while they're playing Overwatch to earn five of Ana's Bastet Challenge sprays.

If you didn't already check out the "Bastet" story, it's an important new piece of lore that establishes Ana's past and also introduces an interesting tidbit about Soldier: 76 – he's been confirmed as gay and was in fact in a relationship with a man named Vincent years ago.

Additionally, hero skins for the Atlanta Reign, Chengdu Hunters, Guangzhou Charge, Hangzhou Spark, Paris Eternal, Toronto Defiant, Vancouver Titans and Washington Justice are up for grabs on all platforms. Every skin can be purchased for 100 OWL tokens and comes with home and away versions for each character.

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