Fortnite 7.01 patch notes detail new Infinity Blade sword

The Infinity Blade in Fortnite v7.01 is a nod to the now-defunct Infinity Blade mobile game series.


Epic Games has released the official v7.01 patch notes for Fortnite, and there's a lot to sift through for fans of the popular battle royale game - particularly, regarding the Infinity Blade.

All game modes are included in the patch notes, but there's a ton of brand new info about the new Infinity Blade weapon, which has just come to Fortnite. It's described as a Mythic melee weapon that "deals big damage and destroys structures." You can find it around Polar Peak. As far as its powers go, it's capable of meting out 75 damage to players with its Primary Fire function. In terms of its Alternate Fire, it will let players leap lengthy distances and destroy objects in their way. When landing, it'll also deliver damage and a knock-up to any players nearby to the tune of 25 damage.

Whoever is currently holding the sword gets an increased pool of max Health and Shields of 200 Health and 200 Shields, regeneration of Health over time up to max Health and Shields at 1 HP per second, as well as an instant burst of health upon defeating an enemy to the tune of 50 HP. There's also increased movement speed, at 130%.

The first player who can pull the Infinity Blade from its pedestal like some kind of Fortnite version of The Sword in the Stone will earn full Health and Shields, and all their inventory items aside from building materials will be dropped, just like the Infinity Blade will be dropped if the person with it is knocked out or otherwise eliminated. There's only one Blade per match, too, so be careful with making sure you get your hands on it!

At least the Infinity Blade series will live on somehow since Epic Games has removed the Infinity Blade series from the App Store in its entirety.

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