Shack's Arcade Corner: Bubbles

Greg Burke is back with a look at another old school arcade game.


This week on Shack's Arcade Corner we take a look back at cocktail cabinet classic Bubbles. The game was developed by Williams Electronics, and first landed in arcades all the way back in 1982. The object of the game was simple: as a sentient bubble, your objective is to clear out all of the enemies that spawn within the sink before making a quick escape down the drain.

Bubbles is unique among other popular arcade games of the time, as it wasn't ported to any home video game consoles of its generation. Instead, it would later be included in various classic arcade game bundles. It made its first home console appearance in Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits back in 2006, a full 14 years after its arcade debut, and later made its way to both Midway Arcade Treasures in 2003 and Midway Arcade Origins in 2012. Gamers might also note that the gameplay is largely similar to the action found in popular online game

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