Command & Conquer Rivals gets December release date

Get ready to practice strategizing if you want to make it in the iOS and Android game's competitive scene.


Command & Conquer: Rivals is the latest entry in the long-running Command & Conquer series, and it's been dated for a December release.

Starting on December 4, you'll be able to take part in the worldwide release of the fast-paced real-time strategy game when it lands on Android and iOS platforms. It will become the next official EA competitive franchise that features a "complete" competitive program, which will include tournaments and championships for players to test their might in.

This vision of Command & Conquer: Rivals is a real-time PvP game where players will work to lead their faction in the war for Tiberium. You'll have to control all of your units all the time, which means you'll have to stay on guard and make sure you're making the moves that benefit you even when things get a little hairy.

“We set out to build an RTS game for mobile players that thrives on head-to-head competition and where strategy and skill matter. With continuous unit control and intense battles where comebacks are possible, Command & Conquer: Rivals delivers this and more,” said Michael Martinez, Redwood Studios GM. “We’ve been thrilled to see the early response from players during soft launch. Player feedback has made the game stronger for our launch in December and we’ll continue to work with the community as we accelerate into esports next year.”

The game will feature Rivals Champions, a new special weekend mode that'll be available for players at launch. Players will compete in a set of battles where there's a unique matchmaking pool available. The competition is set apart by rank to make sure anyone, no matter their skill level, can jump in and give things a go. The better their performance, the better rewards they'll reap, to the very top of the leaderboards.

“Rivals is competitive to its very core,” said Evan Denbaum, Command & Conquer: Rivals Competitive Gaming Commissioner. “We’ve been working non-stop to create the best-possible in-game experiences no matter what your skill level, and Rivals Champions is just the beginning. Most importantly, we’ll be listening to our players and their feedback as they jump in, and we’ll work together with the community to build a full-scale esports program.”

You can pre-register on Google Play today, and you only have to wait a few days to give it a shot if you're interested.

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