Wendy's joins Team Pizza, drops into Fortnite to attack Durr Burger's frozen beef patties

Wendy went on a "fresh, not frozen" rampage.


Fortnite's fast food rivalries just got a little crazier with restaurant chain Wendy's jumping into the middle of the ongoing battle between the Tomato Town Pizzeria and the Durrr Burger.

In the newest Fortnite limited-time mode, Food Fight, two teams of 12 players duke it out with one side fighting for Tomato Town and the other for Durrr Burger. Players work to destroy the other team's mascot while keeping their own safe. The popular burger chain Wendy's joined the fight, though instead of fighting on Team Burger, they took up for Team Pizza, claiming that it was fighting against "frozen beef."

Wendy's has always been about using fresh beef, and apparently Durrr Burger doesn't practice the same set of rigid rules about serving hamburgers as Wendy's does. The Wendy's social media account claims to have noticed a bunch of freezers at Durrr Burger, and has in fact launched an all-out offensive against the restaurant.

Then, Wendy's went live on Twitch with a special stream, where a character wearing the "Fable" skin took on all comers by destroying the Durrr Burger store as well as its freezers and the rest of the fast food shop. Then Wendy's continued to wage war against other players, making liberal use of the "royal wave" emote while cruising through each area on a killing spree. At least this wasn't another instance of some social media smack talk and it actually happened – it's not the weirdest thing that's happened in Fortnite, still, if you can believe that.

But there's a lot more to Fortnite than just pizzas and burgers. Don't forget about tendies. A new mascot, based on an 8-year-old Fortnite fan's ideas, was recently added to the game as a cosmetic option: the Tender Defender. Good thing Wendy's doesn't have it out for delicious chicken tenders then, huh?

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