Fortnite vehicle time trials locations - Season 6 week 10 challenges

Discover all the Fortnite vehicle time trials locations that you'll need in order to finish the Season 6 week 10 challenges.


The latest week 10 challenges have arrived in Fortnite Battle Royale, representing the final round of weekly challenges before Season 6 ends next week. This is the last chance for players to finish enough challenge sets in order to unlock the A.I.M. skin and E.L.I.M. backbling as well as the final push to earn Battle Stars, reach the coveted tier 100 in the Battle Pass, and don the Dire skin. Before you can finish your season 6 week 10 challenges and acquire these precious cosmetics, you'll need to find some of the Fortnite vehicle time trial locations.

Fortnite vehicle timed trial locations

Here are all of the Fortnite vehicle time trial locations. Keep in mind that you only need to complete three out of the five listed below in order to complete the Season 6 week 10 challenge.

Junk Junction

fortnite vehicle time trials junk junction

Located just north of Junk Junction right next to the metal llama. The closest vehicle will be a Quadcrasher that potentially spawns in the center of Junk Junction. If one doesn’t spawn, you can definitely get one at the race track a little bit to the east, in C2 on the map grid.

Lazy Links 

fortnite vehicle time trials lazy links

Directly in front of the shop in the west portion of Lazy Links. The closest vehicle will be one of the four ATKs that potentially spawn in and around Lazy Links.

Dusty Divot 

fortnite vehicle time trials dusty divot

Placed next to an electric tower just northeast of the divot itself. There are two Quadcrasher spawns right in front of the time trial (pictured above).

Flush Factory 

fortnite vehicle time trials flush factory

Located on top of the mountain north of Flush Factory. There is an ATK and Quadcrasher spawn point in front of the factory itself.

RV Park 

fortnite vehicle time trials rv park

This time trial is at the southern entrance to the RV park, which is located a short distance east of Retail Row. There is a Quadcrasher spawn inside the park itself, and a batch of ATK’s located at the racetrack to the south.

Season 6 Week 10 challenges

This week's challenges feature a plethora of tasks mainly focused around traveling and visiting different spots on the map. Quite the contrast to last weeks challenges which, were pretty heavy on eliminating other players and racking up damage dealt. The challenges for Season 6 week 10 are as follows:

Place mounted turrets in different matches (0/3)
Land at named locations (must be done in order):

  1. Lazy Links
  2. Snobby Shores
  3. Lucky Landing
  4. Lonely Lodge
  5. Salty Springs

Weapon eliminations (must be done in order):

  1. Shotguns
  2. Assault Rifles
  3. Pistols

Build structures (0/250)
Visit a viking ship, camel, and crashed battle bus (0/3)
Search chests at Tilted Towers or Paradise Palms (0/7)

The challenges that will take up the most of your time are those pesky time trials. To complete season 6 week 10 challenges, you must finish three of the five vehicle time trials scattered across the map. All of these trials require you to be on a vehicle, which only serves to make things more tedious. Don’t fret! We’re here to help speed up the process for you.

Those are all of the Fortnite vehicle time trial locations for the Season 6 week 10 challenges. Be sure to get these challenges done in a timely manner, as they won’t be available after Season 6 ends next week. For more helpful walkthroughs, be sure to check out and bookmark our Fortnite home page!

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