Google Assistant iOS update enables "Hey Siri, OK Google" voice command

Be cheeky with your Google Assistant usage when it comes to your iOS device.


If you're a multi-platform user and welcome both Google and Apple products into your home with open arms (as well you should) you'll want to take a look at this cool new update, which lets you use Google Assistant on your iPhone.

By installing Google Assistant on your device and saying "Hey Siri, OK Google," you'll be able to open the app up and use it normally, just like you would on an Android device. Of course, this does take some doing to get it up to snuff. You'll first have to get or update the Google Assistant app on iOS, and then open it up to set up a new Siri Shortcut. It doesn't come primed and ready for you to launch with that snippet, but you can certainly record a phrase meant for use with it.

You can create a Siri Shortcut that will text certain people, launch an app of your choice, or even have Siri perform more complicated tasks with Apple's Shortcuts. You can do just that with the Google Assistant app by setting up the phrase "OK Google" to run Google Assistant. Just pop open Siri and use the phrase, confusing as it may sound, and you'll be good to go. It's not nearly as easy as if you could just download Google Assistant and go from there, but it's still pretty cool, especially if you're someone who likes to bend the rules of what's "strictly iPhone" or "strictly Android."

Google Assistant is just as useful as Siri, if you've never used it before. You'll find plenty of interesting uses for the digital helper, we surmise, when used in tandem with Siri as you've already got her configured, so go on! Have a blast with your silly new shortcut. 

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