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Youtubers Life: OMG Edition likes, follows and subs to November release date

If you've ever wanted to live the life of a YouTube giant, Youtubers Life: OMG Edition has you covered.


Raiser Games and U-Play Online's Youtubers Life: OMG Edition is bringing the trials and tribulations of being a popular YouTube star to the Nintendo Switch.

This bizarre twist on the simulation genre doesn't exactly sound like the best choice to bring to life, but it looks kind of interesting, much in the same way all the Imagine Babyz games and other titles of that ilk did when they all descended upon the Nintendo DS at around the same time. The game finds you working to become the most successful YouTuber in the world by way of creating videos, racking up subscribers, going to media events, and trying desperately to continue growing your channel.

The game starts you off in your parents' house as you gradually rise through the ranks to become a popular star, meet other YouTubers, enjoy parties, and earn notoriety and success. You have to deal with the negatives, too, like your "haters" as well as monetizing your content and partnering with YouTube networks. Its pretty interesting, actually. There are gaming, music, and cooking channels for you to start from scratch, so I'm wondering how this one might actually play out.

It previously released as a PC title in 2016, but now it's out on Switch as an eShop title if you're morbidly curious and want to see how it turns out. It may not be that bad, after all!

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