How to unlock Gen 4 and 5 Pokemon Mystery Events in 2018

It's now possible for Pokemon fans to open up Mystery Gift events in older Generation 4 and 5 Pokemon titles. Here's how the process works.


A new glitch has hit classic Pokemon games for anyone that missed out on specific events during the 2010 to 2013 era of games. This bug allows Nintendo DS players to get online after the end of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection services back in 2014. As the exploit allows players to play games like Mario Kart DS and the like, Pokemon players have discovered an additional side effect to it: Mystery Gift events.

This is incredibly easy for the Generation 5 games, Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2. But, it takes some additional steps for the games during Generation 4, such as Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.

How to get Pokemon Events in Generation 5 Games

To begin, this exploit is doable on the Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, and 2DS XL for both generation 4 and 5, as well as the Nintendo DS and DS Lite for Generation 4. Nintendo DSi does not work for this, unfortunately. For brevity, we will give the 3DS/2DS version for this guide, but the steps for Gen 4 work the same way in DS/ DS Lite.

Do you already have an internet connection set up on your 3DS? If so, skip this part. If not, head to the System Settings, then into Internet Settings, and finally Connection Settings from there. Add a “New connection” and take on the tutorial to set up an internet connection onto the 3DS. Test your connection and ensure it’s successful.

Now that you have an internet connection, head to Change Settings and find DNS. It’ll ask if you want to “Auto-obtain the DNS” and you’re going to want to set this to No. You’ll then see a primary and a secondary DNS. In the primary DNS, type in Leave the second one as all zeros and hit OK. No, seriously that’s it for the Gen 5 games. You’re done and ready to go.

How to get Pokemon Events for Generation 4 Games

For the Gen 4 games, however, their internet settings were individual in each game. So, head into the opening menu, just after the title screen of your choice of game. Somewhere on the list, it’s going to mention Nintendo WFC. For Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, use the above paragraph to do the same thing, but within the game settings. For Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, it takes some additional steps.

Starting off, do you have Mystery Gift unlocked yet? Head to Jubilife City and into the Jubilife TV building. On the third floor, find the man in the bottom left area and he will ask two questions. For the first question, choose “Everyone” “Happy”, then for question two, answer “Wi-fi” “Connection”. This will unlock Mystery Gift in the usual menu before you start the game.

Gifts from five years ago, today!

For the three in question, however, the stars have to align and you’ll need an older-style WPS setting on your router. Some older Wireless-N routers have them built in and it’s a matter of a setting. But, it will ask for the WPS code that is used instead of the usual password. Some phone hotspots have this ability built in as well and may take some additional settings to fiddle with. (In my case, it was not to be, no matter how hard I tried.) Try the same DNS settings as above (, but another additional possibility is putting as the primary and setting the secondary to or If none of these options work, you may be out of luck for this one.

Update December 3 2018: Gen 4 will work, but has to be configured within the game itself (use the same info, but once you're inside the game). You have to be using an older router or lower end hotspot under WEP to get it to work though. It will not connect without it. If it gets code 52100, you may need to put it on an iPhone network or you're out of luck. For help with solving the 60000 error, see below. As for the 52100 error, there's loads of great information available on the Mystery Gift post featured over on the Pokemon subreddit.

How to solve 60000 error

There's a specific method that should help trainers get around the Error 60000 problem. Here's the procedure:

  1. Get a Gen 4 game and head to the game's WFC settings.
  2. Delete the WFC config in it, then put it back in, connect to Mystery Gift.
  3. It'll ask to update your wifi profile, select yes to all.
  4. Reconnect after the first time because it'll give an error the first try.

There's one additional tip we'd suggest, and it comes by way of MrBean35000vr over on YouTube: Keep in mind that the DNS server doesn't only allow you to get Mystery Gifts, but also to use the WiFi club to do trades and battles with friends online, too, if people are interested. Gen 4 even has a fully working GTS. Try these settings:

  • DNS Server (Mystery Gift): (Leave the Second one blank)
  • Alt DNS:, Secondary or

2008 to 2013 Pokemon Mystery Events

So, what do you get out of these Mystery Gift events? Let me tell you, there’s a lot to unpack here. This includes event-based Pokemon only obtainable by attending major Pokemon events personally, like the World Championships, but also includes Pokemon and items from around the world in some cases, such as the 2012 Pika Pika Carnival event in Singapore. It includes online wi-fi events and Gamestop on-site events. In the HGSS games, the Yellow Road (and other routes) allow your game to tie to the Pokewalker with new Pokemon that can be caught. Yellow Road is nothing but Pikachus, including a possible Pikachu that knows Surf and one that knows Fly (just like the old games).

Black / White / Black 2 / White 2:

  • Scrafty (Lvl 50, 2011 Worlds)
  • Karrablast (Lvl 50, European Summer 2011 Pokemon Day)
  • Secret Egg (TRU 2011, Random 3 from Anime: Ash's Pidove, Iris's Axew, and Cilan's Pansage)
  • Pikachu (Lvl 50, 2012 Worlds, knows "Fly" move)
  • Pikachu (Lvl 100, 2012 Pika Pika Carnival event in Singapore, OT: Fes)
  • Pikachu (Lvl 100, Germany Summer 2012 Pokemon Day)
  • Victini (Lvl 50, Pokemon the Movie 2012 Black and White, has V-Create move)
  • Mewtwo (Lvl 70, Feb 2012, 1st Anniversary)
  • Darkrai (Lvl 50, May 2012, Dark Explorer's tie-in)
  • Keldeo (Lvl 15, Summer 2012, Black 2/ White 2 Pre Release)
  • Shiny Larvitar (Lvl 5, 2012 Worlds)
  • Shiny Dialga (Lvl 100, Summer 2013, Gamestop)
  • Shiny Palkia (Lvl 100, Summer 2013, Gamestop)
  • Shiny Giratina (Lvl 100, Summer 2013, Gamestop)
  • Smeargle (Lvl 50, 2013 Worlds)
  • Mewtwo (Lvl 100, 2013 Extremespeed Genesect Pre-Order Event in Japan)
  • Ray's Shiny Metagross (Lvl 45, 2013 Regionals)
  • Woler's Ludicolo (Lvl 30, 2013 Spring Regionals)
  • Cloyster (Lvl 30, 2013 Winter Regionals, Abram's)
  • Meloetta (Lvl 50, Spring 2013 Gamestop/ EB Games/ GAME)
  • Zekrom (Lvl 100, Spring 2012, Has "Bolt Strike" move)
  • Reshiram (Lvl 100, Spring 2012)
  • Zoroark (Lvl 50, Summer 2011, TRU)
  • Deoxys (Lvl 100, 2013, B2W2 Only)
  • Genesect (Lvl 15, Fall 2012, B2W2 Launch event, "Techno Blast" move)
  • Liberty Pass (Item to meet Victini)
  • Shelmet (Lvl 50, EU Pokemon Day 2011)

HeartGold / SoulSilver:

  • Shiny Suicune (Lvl 30, Winter 2011)
  • Shiny Entei (Lvl 30, Winter 2011)
  • Celebi (Lvl 50, Winter 2011)
  • Crobat (Lvl 30, Worlds 2010)
  • Ash's Pikachu (Lvl 50, TRU)
  • Mew (Lvl 5, Fall 2010)
  • Jirachi (Lvl 5, Summer 2010)
  • Shiny Eevee (Lvl 50, Video Game Championship 2010)
  • Enigma Stone (Lvl 40, Latios in HG or Latias in SS)
  • Amity Meadows (Pokewalker Route Info, Japanese)
  • Rally (Pokewalker Route Info, Japanese)
  • Sightseeing (Pokewalker Route Info, Japanese)
  • Yellow Forest (Pokewalker, All Pikachu)
  • Winner's Path (Pokewalker Route Info)
  • Lock Capsule (Unofficial, separate Wonder Card section)

Diamond / Pearl / Platinum:

  • Jirachi (Lvl 5, Summer 2010)
  • Celebi (Lvl 50, Winter 2011)
  • Shiny Milotic (Lvl 50, Video Game Championships 2009)
  • Shiny Suicune (Lvl 30, Gamestop Event)
  • Shiny Entei (Lvl 30, Gamestop Event)
  • Shiny Raiku (Lvl 30, Gamestop Event)
  • Shiny Pichu (Lvl 30, Spring 2010, When brought to HGSS can give you Spiky Eared Pichu)
  • Crobat (Lvl 30, Worlds 2010)
  • Mew (Lvl 5, Fall 2010)
  • Ash's Pikachu (Lvl 50, Phantom Champion Zoroark 2010)
  • Scizor (Lvl 50, Phantom Champion Zoroark 2010)
  • Regigigas (Lvl 100, TRU USA)
  • Regigigas (Lvl 100, EU Movie)
  • Deoxys (Lvl 50, 2008 Gamestop)
  • Arceus (Lvl 100, 2009 TRU)
  • Manaphy (Lvl 50, AU JB Hi-Fi)
  • Manaphy (Lvl 50, TRU)
  • Manaphy (Lvl 50, Nintendo World)
  • Crobat (Lvl 30, 2010 Worlds)
  • Weavile (Lvl 30, 2009 Worlds)
  • Lucario (Lvl 30, 2008 Worlds)
  • Darkrai (Lvl 50, ALAMOS, 4 possible with diff ID)
  • Shaymin (Lvl 50, TRU, Gracidea)
  • Dragonite (Lvl 50, TRU)
  • Pikachu (Lvl 20, Nintendo Zone, Knows "Present")
  • Key Item: Secret Key
  • Key Item: Membership Card
  • Key Item: Oak's Letter
  • Key Item: Unofficial, Azure Flute
  • App: Feeling Checker
  • App: Alarm Clock

Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia events

  • Special Mission: Manaphy (Recover the Manaphy Egg)
  • Special Mission: Riolu (Rescue Kidnapped Riolu)
  • Special Mission: Darkrai (Liberate the Tower)
  • Extra Mission: Dialga (Dialga in Hia Valley)
  • Extra Mission: Palkia (Palkia in Haruba Desert)
  • Extra Mission: Shaymin (For the Bride and Shaymin)

Japan-exclusive Mystery Events

The following events are exclusive to players who own the Japanese versions of the indicated games:

Japan Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and HeartGold/SoulSilver

  • Birthday Chimchar (Lvl 40, 2009/2010)
  • Birthday Charmander (Lvl 40, 2009/2010)
  • Birthday Pikachu (Lvl 40, knows Surf, 2009)
  • 7-Eleven Pikachu (Lvl 20, knows Present, 2010)
  • 2010 World Championships Crobat (Lvl 30)
  • Movie Celebi (Lvl 50, 2010)
  • Shiny Raikou (Lvl 30, 2010)
  • Shiny Entei (Lvl 30, 2010)
  • Shiny Suicune (Lvl 30, 2010)
  • Ario Pikachu (Lvl 20, knows Present, 2009)
  • Kyoto Cross Media Experience Pikachu (Lvl 30, knows Present, Last Resort, 2009)

Japan HeartGold/SoulSilver exclusive

  • 2010 World Championships Shiny Eevee (Lvl 50)

Japan Diamond/Platinum/Pearl exclusive

  • 2009 World Championships Weavile (Lvl 30)
  • Arceus (Lvl 100, knows Judgment, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Shadow Force, 2009)
  • Shokotan Pikachu-colored (shiny) Pichu (Lvl 30, 2009)
  • Pokémon Center Meowth (Lvl 10, 2009)
  • Sleeping Pikachu (Lvl 50, knows Rest, Sleep Talk, Yawn, Snore, 2009)
  • Pokémon Center Eevee (Lvl 10, only female, knows Covet, Bite, Helping Hand, Attract, 2009)
  • Pokémon Center Yokohama Pikachu (Lvl 40, 2008)

Japan Platinum exclusive

  • 2008 TCG World Championships Shiny Milotic (Lvl 50)

Japan Diamond/Pearl exclusive

  • Tanabata Jirachi (Lvl 5, 2007/2008)
  • 2008 World Championships Lucario (Lvl 30)
  • Birthday Charmander (Lvl 40, 2007/2008)
  • Birthday Chimchar (Lvl 40, 2007/2008)
  • Shaymin (Lvl 50, 2008)
  • Regigigas (Lvl 100, 2008)
  • McDonald's Pikachu (Lvl 20, 2008)
  • Salamence (Lvl 50, 2008)
  • Dragonite (Lvl 50, 2008)
  • Milotic (Lvl 50, 2008)
  • Magmortar (Lvl 50, 2007)
  • Electivire (Lvl 50, 2007)
  • Golgo Octillery (Lvl 50, 2007)
  • PalCity Manaphy (Lvl 50, 2007)
  • PalCity Lucario (Lvl 50, 2007)
  • PalCity Mew (Lvl 50, 2007)
  • Darkrai (Lvl 50, 2007)
  • 10th Movie Deoxys (Lvl 50, 2007)
  • Yamamoto Whiscash (Lvl 51, 2007)
  • Shokotan Tropius (Lvl 53, 2007)
  • World Hobby Fair Manaphy (Lvl 5, 2006)
  • Concert Chatot (Lvl 25, 2006)

Japan Diamond exlusive

  • Pokémon Festa Magmar (Lvl 30, 2006)

Japan Pearl exclusive

  • Pokémon Festa Electabuzz (Lvl 30, 2006)
No need to travel to Singapore this time around.

Needless to say, there are a ton of different events. When going for them, understand that they will be randomized in the system, so the events will try to duplicate, but you can only handle one of a single Wonder Card in a specific game. Wonder Cards are the game’s way of letting you get Mystery Events. Speaking of, generation 5 had 12 slots for Wonder Cards, while gen 4 only has 3 slots. So, expect to delete them as you utilize this glitch to make room. Don’t forget to pick up your Mystery gift in-game before you delete them, though. Generally, you’ll see the delivery man around Pokemarts. In gen 5, he’s near the doorway inside Pokemon Centers.

From there, the Pokemon are all ready to go. But, how do you get them into the modern games? Pokemon Bank is an application within the Nintendo 3DS that also allows for the download of another program within it called “Poke Transporter”. First download the Bank and it’ll give the option within it. Make sure the Pokemon you’d like to transfer into the Pokemon Bank are in your in-game Box 1 first. Then, head to the Transporter and choose your game. It will zap everything in Box 1 into your Pokemon Bank. For safekeeping, Bank is worth the $5 per year to have and use anyway, but the transported Pokemon will be waiting in the first box in Bank called “Transport Box”. They can then be brought into even the most modern Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games. If you're running Gen 4 games, however, you need to trade the Pokemon individually into a Gen 5 game to get them.

There are still plenty of new events to uncover, and we'd like your assistance. Help us fill in the guide, as it’s incomplete for all of the possibilities. If you find something new, or any event that isn't listed here, let us know in the Chatty below.


Writer for Twin Galaxies and Greenlit Content by day, certified Pokemon Professor by night.

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    November 14, 2018 12:20 PM

    Jesse Collins posted a new article, How to unlock Gen 4 and 5 Pokemon Mystery Events in 2018

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      November 29, 2018 5:59 AM

      Hey! I don't know if this is the right place to say it, but for Platinum I found these so far:
      -The legendary Trio of Johto (shiny Entei, Raikou, Suicune)
      -Make a wish with Jirachi
      -Oak's letter (Shaymin)
      -Wow! Shiny Milotic!
      -Regigigas is here
      -Time to travel with Celebi
      -Battle in Kona (Crobat)
      -Arceus has arrived
      -Ash's Pikachu
      -Pikachu-colored Pichu
      -A Lucario doll
      -The secret key (Rotom forms)
      -The member card (Darkrai)
      As well as some unofficial ones but I didn't want to receive them:
      -Azure Flute
      -Pokétch App: Alarm Clock
      -Pokétch App: Stopwatch

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      December 2, 2018 3:41 PM

      Another thing you can do to get Gen IV games working with the Mystery Gifts is to go into your modem settings to take off the security entirely, however, this means that anyone can connect to it during the time you do this so you'd have to be careful.

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      i think your missing 1 of the Winter 2011 trio as i believe you can get all 3 from it