GDC 2019 to feature Classic Game Postmortem: 'Command & Conquer'

Before EA gets a chance to define the future of the classic Command & Conquer, one of the original designers will break down its past.


While the future of this legendary RTS series in flux, GDC will feature a session reflecting on its past. At GDC 2019, Westwood Studios co-founder Louis Castle will be taking the stage to deliver a classic game postmortem on Command & Conquer. It will be an "hour-long deep dive into the conception, development, and design" of the game that "inspired a generation of game designers and helped popularize the real-time strategy game genre."

The planned takeaway from the Classic Game Postmortem: Command & Conquer is described as such on the official GDC 2019 schedule:

Louis Castle will reflect on the early days of Westwood and explain the process of creating 'Command & Conquer', relying on both his own personal experiences and the recollections of other key team members. Attendees will get a unique look at the design and development of a classic game, enjoy some frank anecdotes about game dev in the ‘90s, and walk away with a better understanding of how you refine and popularize a genre.

In October 2018, Electronic Arts reached out to fans to discuss Command & Conquer's future on PC.  A major catalyst for this move was the poor reaction to the reveal of Command & Conquer: Rivals and the clear desire for a full-fledged PC game in the series. It will be interesting to see if anything can be divulged from this session that will benefit the future of the franchise. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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