Esports Arena events are coming to Walmart stores

Grab your milk, notebooks, electronics, and play some esports while at Walmart.


Esports Arena, the first dedicated esports facility in North America, is working with Walmart to bring esports to shoppers who frequent the retail giant.

The announcement comes in tandem with the launch of new OVERPOWERED PCs by Esports Arena, which can now be purchased on, including three laptops and three desktop PCs.

"We at Esports Arena could not be more excited about this collaboration with Walmart," said Tyler Endres, CEO of Esports Arena. "Walmart's incredible reach allows us to bring the esports experience to a much broader audience, and expand at a much faster rate."

The new Walmart locations will have league nights during weekdays and tournaments on the weekends. There will be open play hours as well for customers to try out products and promptly destroy, because this is Walmart we're talking about, not Target. Unfortunately, where I live, Walmarts can barely clean their bathrooms, let alone maintain entire dedicated esports arenas.

Additionally, there will be gaming content streamed from the in-store arenas at and as well as special merchandise to cop if you wanna rep the brand.

The first Esports Arenas will be opening inside Walmart stores in Roseville, CA, Spokane Valley, WA, and Colorado Springs, CO this weekend. There are two additional locations opening up soon, with finalized information to come at a later date. Hopefully they remain open beyond one day and post security guards at the entrance to each since my Walmart allows folks to walk out the front door with stolen TVs on the regular. 

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    Brittany Vincent posted a new article, Esports Arena events are coming to Walmart stores

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      November 9, 2018 6:39 AM

      Seems like it might be a good thing. Walmarts are pretty accessible to a lot of people and I definitely don't have the same problem with shitty Walmarts in my area. They're all just as clean and tidy as Target and definitely have a lot more shoppers.

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