Konami confirms P.T. bricking and removal is a hoax

We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.


If you were at all concerned about the possibility that one of the best horror games of all time, P.T., was in danger of being lost, you can rest easy.

Sure, it isn't really a game, and it's just a playable teaser for what could have been, but P.T. is absolutely fantastic. Yesterday's brouhaha that got us spooked into thinking we might actually lose the ability to play it was especially terrifying, both because it was Halloween, and because it was unthinkable: Who'd take that masterpiece away from us? Would Konami really do such a thing? Members of the Silent Hill subreddit seemed to think so, but as I suspected, it turned out to be quite fake. 

As it turns out, no. Not yet, anyway. According to Konami reps, no such update exists and your copy of P.T., if you still have it, is safe. That doesn't mean you shouldn't protect it and guard it with your life, though. Cherish it while you still can, because in an age where things continue to go all-digital, it's possible we could lose it in the next few years, depending on Konami's whims. Because we sure won't be seeing Silent Hills come to fruition, unfortunately.

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