Controls and button configuration in Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Learn about each of the essential buttons and controls in Starlink: Battle for Atlas on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


The galaxy is in the player's hands in Starlink: Battle for Atlas, the latest toys-to-life title from the team at Ubisoft. Aside from a hands-on approach to ship building and customization made possible through real-world pilots, ships, wings, and weapons, players will need to get a grasp on the game's various button configurations and general controls. Luckily, we've got the scoop on all the different Starlink controls players need to familiarize themselves with.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Controls

The controls within Starlink: Battle for Atlas are about as space-based shooter fans might expect, with analog sticks being used for movement and aim, and triggers corresponding to the left- and right-mounted weapons. There are a few key shortcuts players will want to memorize, however, and they're featured in the controls table below.

Left Analog Stick Steer (Click: Rear View)
Right Analog Stick Look/Aim (Click: Zoom)
Triangle (PlayStation 4)
Y (Xbox One)
X (Nintendo Switch)
Active Shield
Square (PlayStation 4)
X (Xbox One)
Y (Nintendo Switch)
(Hold) Interact
X (PlayStation 4)
A (Xbox One)
B (Nintendo Switch)
Circle (PlayStation 4)
B (Xbox One)
A (Nintendo Switch)
Boost / Dodge
L2 (PlayStation 4)
LT (Xbox One)
ZL (Nintendo Switch)
Left Weapon
R2 (PlayStation 4)
RT (Xbox One)
ZR (Nintendo Switch)
Right Weapon
L1 (PlayStation 4)
LB (Xbox One)
L (Nintendo Switch)
Pilot Ability
R1 (PlayStation 4)
RB (Xbox One)
R (Nintendo Switch)
(Hold) Flight Mode
Touchpad (PlayStation 4)
Change View (Xbox One)
- (Nintendo Switch)
Options (PlayStation 4)
Menu (Xbox One)
+ (Nintendo Switch)
D-Pad Up Request / Accept Mission
D-Pad Down Drop
D-Pad Left Previous Mission
D-Pad Right Select Mission

It's worth mentioning that the Loadout button goes to what is essentially the Pause screen, though the Loadout button and the Starmap button both go to the in-game menu where players can swap out their pilots, ships, wings, and weapons on the fly. This screen is also where pilots can get a look at the overall worldview, view Equinox upgrades, and more, all by pressing the L1/LB/L or R1/RB/R buttons to navigate through menu pages.

With the basic PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch controls out of the way, players should have no trouble keeping up with all of the flying and shooting action Ubisoft's latest is known for. To stay on top of the latest developments, including news and guides, be sure to stop by Shacknews' Starlink: Battle for Atlas home page.

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