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Earth Defense Force 5 interview: Producer Nobuyuki Okajima talks meshing the old and new

Aliens and bugs? Aliens and bugs!


Earth Defense Force 5 is the type of game that's in-your-face and silly for all the right reasons. It's going to be a hell of a good time when it debuts on PlayStation 4 later this year.

Shacknews sat down with producer Nobuyuki Okajima at Tokyo Game Show 2018 to discuss blending the classic game elements with the new as well as the new enemies players will be up against. In short, Earth Defense Force 5 is going to be lit. 

"The team really focused on not changing what's been positive about the old parts of the franchise. They kept all the good stuff. However, because of the new console, they tried to add a better system, enemy quality, game design, and story, explained Okajima. 

He also spoke at length on some of the improved gore mechanics, and why they were necessary to help enhance things this time around. 

"In EDF 5, you'll fight against aliens for the first time, not just insects. In order to show you're fighting with human-shaped aliens, the gore expression was necessary."

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Earth Defense Force 5 is debuting on PlayStation 4 later this year on December 11, meaning it should arrive just in time for the holidays. Then you can get up to all the bug-stomping, alien-smashing shenanigans you want. 

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