Vimeo lays groundwork for its users to livestream holograms

The future is now.


Sure, we can stream as hyper anime girls, spooky creatures, and of course wolves (like our very own intrepid streamer). Ever wanted to do a livestream as a hologram? Vimeo has published a how-to aid on how folks can use the video platform's new toys to livestream 3D videos of themselves in the future, also known as holograms to the rest of us. No, not Jem's accompanying band, but like the one below.

Vimeo is looking to showcase a concept called "telepresence," or the idea of a live presence of a situation "represented in virtual 3D space is actually happening right now somewhere else." It's not particularly difficult to grasp. Vimeo has a step-by-step guide to streaming live 3D video, and has offered two new products that should help you put things together, like a depth-sensing camera and a Vimeo Live membership. You'll also need a bit of coding knowledge.

Lastly, the Vimeo Depth Viewer is necessary as well, the company's newest 3D camera interface. If you use it with OBS, you can convert your 3D video into a livestream.

"Essentially we’re packing data into the pixels, the color, of the video," Pugh said. "When you marry those two things together — the video, and the rainbow depth map — that’s us essentially packing all the data you need to then in real time merge those two together to create yourself into a 3D shape."

It seems like a difficult and arduous process, but if you're into making unique streams and using the newest technology to do awesome things, you'll definitely want to see what Vimeo has to offer.

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