Check out a teaser from 24 'Til Launch, Shacknews' new documentary video series, premiering tomorrow

Tune in at 12:00pm Eastern / 9:00am Pacific to check out our 35-minute documentary-style video on the launch of Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


I aim bigger with every Long Read I publish at Shacknews. Last April, Stairway to Badass was the largest and most comprehensive feature in the history of the site--so large and comprehensive I broke our content management system, and had to send out an SOS to our engineers to create more space. Last December, Rocket Jump: Quake and the Golden Age of First-Person Shooters towered over Stairway to Badass.

And, yes, I broke the content management system again.

Tomorrow, Beneath a Starless Sky: Pillars of Eternity and the Infinity Engine Era of RPGs goes live at 5:00pm Eastern / 2:00pm Pacific. It's nearly 500 pages of behind-the-scenes details that recount the making of Obsidian's contemporary RPGs and classic titles such as Baldur's Gate. (I didn't break CMS this time. To be honest, I kinda feel like I failed. I'll try harder next time.)

But wait, there's more! Ahead of that at noon Eastern, you'll be able to watch the inaugural installment of 24 'Til Launch, a recurring series of documentary-style videos exclusive to Shacknews.

Obsidian was gracious enough to open their doors Greg Burke, Asif Khan, and me on May 7, just 24 hours before Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire set sail for Steam and We interviewed several developers over the next day and ended up with a 35-minute documentary on Obsidian's history in RPGs, and Deadfire's development.

We've prepared a teaser for what you can expect from 24 'Til Launch - Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire tomorrow. Check it out at 12pm Eastern / 9am Pacific, and come back a few hours later to read Beneath a Starless Sky: Pillars of Eternity and the Infinity Engine Era of RPGs.

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