PlayStation All-Stars, Twisted Metal, and Sound Shapes PS4 and PS3 servers shutting down

Get some time in with these soon-to-be shuttered titles before they're taken offline for good.


If you're still enjoying certain classic PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 titles (as well as PS Vita games) you might want to pay attention. A selection of servers are being taken offline soon, and that means they won't be supported anymore.

From the PlayStation official blog, games like Sound Shapes, Twisted Metal, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, Drawn to Death, Warhawk, and ModNation Racers will all see their online support terminated in the coming weeks.

Drawn to Death's servers will be taken down on March 25, 2019, but the rest of the games on the list will be seeing their servers offline this month, and many in the next week. Warhawk will be taken offline on October 25, and will no longer be playable unless your system is set to LAN mode. Sound Shapes will be taken offline on October 15, but you will still be able to play the campaign and all DLC. You simply won't be able to share your user-created levels or download any of them from others.

Twisted Metal will no longer be playable from October 15, and it will be playable offline. PlayStation All-Star: Battle Royale will no longer be playable online beginning from October 15, but the campaign can be played offline. You cannot host or join an online game. Lastly, ModNation Racers will see its online features terminated on October 10. The game will simply be unplayable from that day forward.

Are any of your favorite titles being taken offline? Let us know in the comments below!

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