Oculus Quest pass-through demo teases of future mixed reality tech

The final product is still far out, but the concept is pretty amazing.


The future of VR was shown during OC5, with Facebook executives taking the stage to reveal the wireless, 6DoF VR HMD Oculus Quest, formerly known as Project Santa Cruz. That wasn't the end of future tech implications, though, as there was a demo shown of the Quest's mixed reality capabilities during the keynote.

The concept on display was extremely interesting, but still in a rough stage. The user, while wearing an Oculus Quest VR HMD, used various apps in the foreground while the background was filled with renderings of the user's real environment shown in an abstract sketch style. The rendering went all the way down to the user's keyboard, showing them typing for one of the applications. 

What all this means is, the window for productivity and interaction is widened by keeping the user from removing the Oculus Quest. Furthermore, later in the mixed reality demo, the user was able to quickly shift to a meeting space where other VR users could join. We're should see a lot more experiments with this functionality when Oculus Quest launches for $399 in the spring

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