Apple Watch Series 4 unveiled at Special Event, features 30% larger face

More real estate for complications and 'the things you care about.'


Today, during September 12's Apple Special Event, the Apple Watch Series 4 was officially unveiled. Though you may be burned out on purchasing new Apple products year over year (understandably so!), don't count out this particular model, as it's a vast improvement over the previous Apple Watches available.

The new watch has a 30% larger face, for starters, with two very important features that will ensure users are kept in the loop about potential cardiological issues they may be facing: better heart rhythm tracking and the ability to perform an electrocardiogram, directly from the device. The watch will be able to take on the important task of screening its user's heart rhythm for any potential abnormalities, not limited to but including tachycardia and atrial fibrillation – all while you're wearing the thing.

The electrocardiogram feature, however, is where the watch really shines. The new EKG feature lets users open up an app on the watch, place a finger on the newly-improved digital crown dial, and take an EKG in seconds. All this, without the need to have to visit a doctor or clinic or mess with frustrating leads. It's even been approved by the FDA, making the watch the first consumer-grade device to be certified to provide this kind of technology.

Additionally, there's a very useful and interesting Fall Detection feature, which can actually sense whether you've taken a tumble or a fall. If the watch senses you've fallen and have remained motionless for over a minute, it will place an emergency call for you to emergency services and send your location to a number of contacts you've set previously in your phone. That's extremely handy, and a very important safety feature for any elderly family or friends in your life. It may very well even save your own life at some point. 

Many of the changes made to the new Apple Watch Series 4 are also cosmetic, resulting in a larger display, with both 40mm and 44mm sizes available. The display is 30% bigger than before, mostly to accommodate the changes made to watchOS. The "more useful" UI is meant to offer a wealth of more on-screen information as well, with more to the watch as a whole. With eight new built-in complications, you've got plenty of ways to customize it, too.

The Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $399 without LTE data, and goes for $499 with LTE. You can start preordering the watch this weekend on September 14, with the products becoming available on September 21. Given that the Apple Watch has become the best-selling watch in the world, it won't be surprising if these sell out quickly, so you might want to go ahead and snap one up if you're thinking about upgrading from the old model.

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