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Transference exclusive VR gameplay: Watch a psychological thriller unravel around you

Piece together an eerie mystery to progress in this chilling adventure.


Transference is a chilling collaboration between Ubisoft and SpectreVision, which takes players on a journey through the mind of a fractured soul. It also happens to be an awesome project that involves actor Elijah Wood, who founded SpectreVision with Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller. It's certainly not the debut game you might be expecting, but it's an extremely interesting setup that you shouldn't sleep on. 

The aesthetic is like something out of a film from the mind of Panos Cosmatos nearly like Beyond The Black Rainbow. A troubled scientist named Raymond introduces players to the game's grim world, which is apparently constructed from the memories of his family and those around him.

The demo itself, which features live-action sequences expertly blended with the build of the rest of the game, has some fairly creepy vibes that put it near the level of the extremely scary P.T. or even some of its spiritual successors, like Allison Road. Be forewarned, you may want the lights on for this one. 

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