Danganronpa and Zero Escape studios join forces to create Too Kyo Games

Two superpowers join to form a formidable new company.


The studios that brought us the excellent Danganronpa and Zero Escape franchises have teamed up to bring us something even cooler: A new studio. Too Kyo Games, the brainchild of Kazutaka Kodaka of Danganronpa and Kotaro Uchikoshi of Zero Escape is the new indie studio that's likely about to release some totally fire games going forward.

Too Kyo Games is currently working on four projects at the moment, each in the vein of Danganronpa and Zero Escape, with one game headed by Kodaka and the other by Uchikoshi. It deals with spirits who want to spread death and destruction in the middle of a fantasy world. Their other project looks particularly adorable, but hides sinister content as it's about kids who are playing a "death game," which has been called "very shocking" by Famitsu – so you know it's going to have some interesting scenes. It has to.

Another game is a cyberpunk thriller that features a world where it never stops raining. There are few details about what it may feature, and even fewer about the anime series that Kodaka is working on at present. There's a feature in the latest issue of Famitsu all about Too Kyo Games, but we'll likely be hearing more about the company soon as more images and information rolls out on its official website. Right now, it's time to celebrate – when great minds come together, there are usually some pretty awesome products as a result.

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