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How to earn Backpack Tokens in Marvel's Spider-Man

Track down backpacks to learn more about Spider-Man's life and history, plus earn Backpack Tokens and unlock the Backpacker trophy.


The virtual recreation of Manhattan featured within Insomniac Games' latest release is packed full of hidden goodies and additional sidequests. One of the first things players will notice within Marvel's Spider-Man are the different Backpacks that Spidey himself hid all around the city. Tracking them down not only adds a number of interesting items to the web-slinger's Collection, it also unlocks Backpack Tokens which can be used to purchase new gadgets, gear, and upgrades.

How to earn Backpack Tokens

Backpacks are one of the very first collectibles that Marvel's Spider-Man players are likely to notice — they become available almost immediately following the game's opening chapter. Each Backpack is fitted with a beacon that Spider-Man can use to track their locations all across the city, and finding each one gives a little glimpse into the hero's life and history prior to the events of the game.

Actually finding Backpacks is incredibly simple. After each district's surveillance tower has been synchronized, all Backpacks in that area will show up on the minimap as well as the in-game map. Players can use the map for reference, setting waypoints for Backpacks if desired, or simply click R3 (the right analog stick) to show the location of nearby Backpack beacons throughout the city.

Not only does finding a Backpack add a unique item to the player's collection, it also earns the player a Backpack Token, the likes of which are used to buy things like suits, suit mods, gadgets, and gadget upgrades. Backpacks also collectively build toward the Backpacker trophy, which is unlocked once all of the game's hidden Backpacks have been found.

Like with Research Tokens, Crime Tokens, and others, Backpack Tokens are one of the core components of suit and gadget upgrades. Even better, tracking down the location of each Backpack gives players a chance to keep up with other activities around the city, which is just the sort of thing the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is known for.

Learn about the other Tokens available in the game as well as more details about Insomniac Games' latest release by heading over to Shacknews' Marvel's Spider-Man home page.

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