Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD brings your favorite road trip boys to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

The boys are back in town.


If, like the rest of the world, you find yourself running short on time often and just don't have the patience for extensive role-playing games anymore, you might want to consider giving Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition a try. It's an adorable, downsized version of its "big brother" blockbuster game from Square that has tons to offer squeezed into a small package.

It's available today on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today, after originally launching on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. It's also coming to Nintendo Switch at a later date, but Square Enix hasn't yet shared a debut date for that version of the game just yet.

If you're interested in hitting the road with your favorite Final Fantasy XV characters Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus, then you'll definitely want to give this adorable game a try. If you purchase the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 versions of the game from now through September 13, you'll get the game for 40% off.

That's a good deal, especially if you're interested in experiencing the entirety of the game from start to finish, just like the regular version. There's a lot to unpack, and plenty to discover. If you haven't yet played the "real" iteration of the game, this chibified edition is well worth it. It's perfect for on the go play, so it's excellent news that it's getting a Switch port as well. Hopefully we'll get a date for that one in the near future. 

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