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How to earn Crime Tokens in Marvel's Spider-Man

Crime Tokens are an important component for crafting new items and upgrades in Marvel's Spider-Man. Here's how to earn them.


Marvel's Spider-Man has finally released, and now that players are busy slinging around the game's virtual recreation of Manhattan, they'll certainly be looking to purchase a few new suits and upgrades. Part of the upgrade process involves tracking down various Tokens which can be earned by completing activities around the city, with certain upgrades specifically requiring the use of Crime Tokens.

How to earn Crime Tokens

Crime Tokens are among the most common Tokens that can be earned in Marvel's Spider-Man. As their name might imply, they can be earned by stopping various criminal activities happening around the city. The crimes in question aren't always the same — sometimes Spider-Man will have to take out groups of armed convicts, other times he may have to stop a high-speed car chase.

The first step in stopping criminal activity is actually locating criminal activity. Players will likely stumble upon crimes entirely by accident dozens of times throughout the course of the game. However, players can also stay on the active lookout for crimes by pressing R3 — if there's a crime happening nearby, it'll show up on the minimap. Otherwise, they can also listen for police radio chatter, which may point to crimes in progress.

Whatever the crime may be, the player stands to earn at minimum one Crime Token for actually stopping a crime. However, players can earn two more Crime Tokens for each crime by completing miscellaneous objectives. These can be referenced by pressing the R3 button, and typically involve stopping the crime within a certain amount of time, using a certain type of attack, or by completing the objective without taking damage.

If some of the secondary objectives are missed, don't fret: there are plenty of opportunities to stop crime all around Manhattan throughout the course of the game, with specific crimes reoccurring several times across all districts. Even if players stop all faction crimes in a certain district, there will still be more crimes to stop and more Crime Tokens to be earned in other districts and at later stages of the game's story.

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