Will Marvel's Spider-Man release on Xbox One?

Gaming fans without a PlayStation 4 are curious to know if Marvel's Spider-Man will ever launch for the Xbox One.


Video game and comic book fans have been following the development of Marvel's Spider-Man for months now, and the game is finally closing in on its September 7 release date. Our review of Marvel's Spider-Man is clear — this is not a game players want to miss. However, not all gamers have a PlayStation 4, which leads to the question of whether Marvel's Spider-Man will ever release for other consoles like the Xbox One.

Will Marvel's Spider-Man launch for Xbox One?

Unfortunately, the answer is no — there is no plan to bring Marvel's Spider-Man to the Xbox One or the Xbox One X. The game has been developed by Insomniac Games, a close partner with Sony that's become well-known for developing a number of different PlayStation-exclusive series. For now, and very likely for the foreseeable future, it appears that Marvel's Spider-Man will remain a PlayStation 4 exclusive release.

It might seem a little odd to release a game as big as Marvel's Spider-Man for just one console, but there is reason behind the decision. By offering up huge games as exclusive releases, console manufacturers like Sony are able to drive customers toward their brand. Like with God of War before it, Marvel's Spider-Man is yet another experience that can only be had on PlayStation hardware.

Of course, this thinking goes both ways — the Xbox family of consoles have their own exclusives too, with fan favorite Sea of Thieves being a recent example. Nintendo also has its fair share of exclusive releases, including basically any game with iconic characters like Mario, Link, or Kirby.

Sorry, folks: Marvel's Spider-Man is just not going to release for the Xbox One or any other non-Sony console. Players who want to check out the web-slinger's latest adventure will have to play it on a PlayStation 4. Fortunately, there are plenty of great new games that players who don't have a PlayStation 4 can enjoy, and we've got more information about them featured over on our guide to 2018 video game releases.

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