Fig campaign for sci-fi RPG Starflight 3 launched by HumaNature

The Godfather of sci-fi RPGs is trying to secure a comeback with some help from its fans.


HumaNature announced today that they intend to release Starlight 3 with a little help from their Fig backers. The studio was founded by Greg Johnson, the original designer of Starflight and Starflight 2. Starflight is considered a truly old school sci-fi RPG and Starflight 3 hopes to be the next chapter of the series. 

The Starflight 3 Fig campaign aims to raise $800,000 before the end of September. Several industry veterans have commented on the importance of the franchise.

  • Randy Pitchford, CEO/President, Gearbox Software: “If Starflight didn’t exist, Gearbox wouldn’t exist, that means Borderlands wouldn’t exist.”
  • Ernest Cline, Ready Player One: “Starflight is an all-time favorite of mine. Starflight is still one of the greatest video games ever made.”
  • Chris Taylor, Creator of Dungeon Siege: “As one of the earliest memorable spaces games made on the PC, Starflight is a true classic in the genre, and it’s hard to think about space games without having flashbacks to this pioneering entry in the genre.”
  • Casey Hudson, Director of Mass Effect: “Starflight was a key inspiration for the (Mass Effect) series.”
  • Trip Hawkins, Founder of EA: “Starflight was space-breaking as it pioneered the Sci Fi RPG category. It blended what I love about Asimov’s books and the way Star Trek and other shows leverage the diversity of crews, in a potent story of human courage and epiphanies.”

Here's a little more information on Starflight 3 from the official PR release:

Starflight 3 is the next chapter in the Staflight universe. It is a sci-fi single-player, sandbox role-playing game that focuses on exploration, diplomacy, resource gathering, and combat. Players will have solar systems with tons of planets to discover and explore, mine for necessary resources, catalog new creatures, trade and use diplomacy with locals, all while saving the universe. Starflight 3 is a true free-form experience.

Starflight 3 will feature new and previous alien races, uncharted solar systems to discover, and never before seen planets to explore, all within the same genre-defining gameplay mechanics of the original games. Players will assemble and train their crew and be responsible for their health at all times. Upgrade and customize your starship to make sure you can traverse all of the new star systems. Visit planets and find trade centers, mine for minerals, harvest plants, capture animals, and discover mind-bending clues scattered across the solar systems. Interact with aliens by deciphering their life, culture, and their standing in the universe. And combat, there is no avoiding it. Upgrade your ship and improve your crew because in battle, you will need to decide whether it is best to engage or retreat.

Shackers can still participate in the Starflight 3 Fig campaign right now. How does Fig work? Check out our Game Trader interview with Fig CEO Justin Bailey.


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    August 28, 2018 12:50 PM

    Asif Khan posted a new article, Fig campaign for sci-fi RPG Starflight 3 launched by HumaNature

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      August 28, 2018 6:18 PM

      OMG! This is the game. Right here. I played this game (the 1st one) for years and years. I had a notebook full of notes, coordinates, wormhole paths, notes on races, gear stats, everything. I can't believe they're going to try to bring it back. Risky. The charm it had was really based on overcoming much of the limited tech back then. The first game had you make a copy of the game disks because it altered the files as you played. It was the only way they could save the entire state of the galaxy. It supported Tandy graphics mode, which was awesome because I had a 1000 SX at the time. Sooooo many memories.

      BRB... backing

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        August 28, 2018 8:12 PM

        Ditto dude, I fucking loved Starflight. Played it on my PCjr. Awesome!

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