Far Cry 5 update version 1.10 includes New Game+ and Dead Living Zombies modes

Far Cry 5's Title 10 update version 1.10 has landed, offering players access to the new Dead Living Zombies mode the opportunity for a New Game+ playthrough.


One of the most crucial elements to keeping a video game in the modern gaming conversation is to provide it with frequent updates. This isn't a concept lost to Ubisoft, who has been carefully crafting fresh content for Far Cry 5 in the months following its March 2018 release. In addition to the bug fixes introduced in the update version 1.10, Far Cry 5 players will as of today now be able to access the all-new Dead Living Zombies mode or tackle the campaign once again with the recently added New Game+ mode.

What is Far Cry 5's Dead Living Zombies mode?

Dead Living Zombies is the newest Far Cry 5 DLC, the likes of which includes access to the namesake gameplay mode where players will be challenged with surviving a brutal gauntlet against wave after wave of undead foes. The action itself takes inspiration from Far Cry 5's own Guy Marvel, whose special "D-list" film scripts provide Dead Living Zombies missions with "nonstop action" and curious, reportedly reality shifting mechanics.

After completing each of the new Dead Living Zombies missions, players will find that each of the gameplay mode's maps will be unlocked for replay in Score Attack mode. Assuming players can take down the challenges once again, they'll be rewarded with new weapons and gear that can be used in the main campaign.

Far Cry 5 New Game+ mode

In addition to the Dead Living Zombies DLC, Far Cry 5 players will also now have access to the game's New Game+ mode. As is probably expected, New Game+ in Far Cry 5 allows players to work back through the game's story while maintaining many of the items unlocked in previous playthroughs, including money, vehicles, weapons, outfits, gear, and more.

Players will also be able to start up a new New Game+ mode as many times as they like, and some perks can now be stacked, which should help players continue pushing their hero to the limit. Players can learn more about New Game+ in Far Cry 5 by heading over to the news post featured on the official Far Cry 5 website.

Far Cry 5 update version 1.10 full patch notes

Of course, these latest additions to Far Cry 5 coincide largely with some of the latest changes introduced in the recent update version 1.10. Seeing as how Far Cry 5 fans now have a good reason to make another run through the game, chances are good they're going to have to update their software first. Here are the full patch notes for Far Cry 5 update version 1.10:

  • Added New Game + Mode with Far Cry 5 1.10.
  • Added IGE Scripting Tools
  • Added new weapons
  • Far Cry 5 patch 1.10 added new vehicles
  • Added new masks
  • Added new special outfits
  • Fixed Audio issue that was causing an edge-case crash
  • Fixed a connection error bug when the Host of an in-game party created a private session
  • Far Cry 5 update 1.10 addressed a freeze that would occur upon accessing the in-game party menu
  • Bug fix for rare stuck black screen upon Fast Traveling in Coop
  • Bug fix for error screen when moving an asset outside of map limits in IGE
  • Minor bug fix for Player inventory after some cinematics
  • Far Cry 5 version 1.10 addressed minor audio/VO issues in Dead Living Zombies DLC
  • Fixed a rare audio crash
  • Fixed minor player 3Cs issue
  • Bug fix for Coop Client spawning in the air without the parachute perk when the Host uses Air Drop to fast travel
  • Far Cry 5 update 1.10 added bug fix for Lost on Mars DLC weapons in Arcade
  • Minor bug fixes for Far Cry® Arcade menu navigation
  • Fixed the Sky Occlusion Setting that did not properly interact with the light level of the map
  • Far Cry 5 version 1.10 removed some folders that were doubled in Lights And Effects
  • Bug fix for texture issues on destructible generic shapes
  • Far Cry 5 update 1.10 added a bug fix for Triggers and Actions for Scripting Tool
  • Bug fix for map budgets carrying over to new created maps
  • Far Cry 5 1.10 added bug fix for assets changing upon loading the map
  • Added IGE Lost on Mars DLC assets
  • Added IGE Dead Living Zombies DLC assets
  • Minor bug fix on some Hours of Darkness DLC assets
  • Far Cry 5 1.10 added minor bug fix on decals
  • Added some crashing fixes.
  • Fixed stuttering and lag issues.
  • Far Cry 5 version 1.10 added bug fixes and other changes.
  • Various stability and performance improvements.

Far Cry 5 fans certainly won't to miss out on the chance to start a New Game+ playthrough, and as far as can be told, the Dead Living Zombies mode sounds like a potent distraction as well. Stay on top of all things centered around Ubisoft's hit open-world title by stopping by Shacknews' own Far Cry 5 strategy and guide hub.

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