Towerfall for Switch release date announced, Madeline and Badeline from Celeste will be playable

The popular Celeste characters come to the raucous indie game.


Towerfall is touching down on Nintendo Switch next month, and it's bringing a few friends with it. The action-packed indie game from Matt Makes Games will feature both Madeline and her mirror self Badeline as part of the new six-player battle royale mode.

The archery combat arena game finds players going at each other's throats in a frenetic battle royale where each person gets a limited amount of arrows to try and totally own the other combatants. Each character has various power-ups like shields, wings, and arrows that are more powerful than others, and there are various different modes to enjoy this fast-paced combat in.

Celeste protagonist Madeline, who scales Celeste Mountain in the excellent Switch title, brings her cheeky little orange-haired self to the game, along with the maroon-haired Badeine, the mirror image of Madeline who acts as a mocking presence throughout the game for our intrepid heroine. You can play as both characters, just announced during today's Nindies presentation.

Towerfall will be headed to Switch with this new content, as well as the Towerfall Dark World and Towerfall Ascension expansions, just in case you missed them the first time around. You can grab it on September 27, so you only have about a month to wait before it arrives home in your hot little hands. 

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