QC Games' first game project Breach is a co-op action RPG

Plus, you get to play as the bad guy. How cool is that?


Indie studio QC Games' first project is Breach, an upcoming co-op action RPG. Combining the depth of RPGs with an open class system third-person action mechanics, and various mission objectives to complete, Breach is an adventure that's meant to let players make the hero they want to be.

Taking place on a fictionalized version of Earth that's somehow on a collision course with a "Mythological Earth," Breach has been in development for three years, with team members from BioWare. It'll feature dozens of different classes like the Auros Gladiator that relies on aerial combos, as well as the Gunslinger, which combines magic with tech. It's all in a bid to combat the Veil Demon, the game's main enemy. There's a lot of obstacles in the way when it comes to taking him out once and for all, so you'll have to utilize powers like possession to overcome everything that stands in your way.

But you can also take control of the Veil Demon, which is a pretty ingenious move. Not only can you fight against the demon, but you can become him too. That's gotta count for something. You can see it all in action when it lands on Steam Early Access, and a full free-to-play launch coming in 2019.

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