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What's the deal with the purple box in Fortnite?

The closing rift in Fortnite struck the island with purple lightning bolts, summoning a mysterious purple box.


Game fans already know that Fortnite is an experience that's always subject to change, and it appears that changes might be occurring right now. A random rocket launch tore open the sky toward the end of season 4, resulting in a rift that has been slowly dwindling throughout season 5. However, it recently began sending purple lightning bolts across the sky — and that lightning has now summoned a mysterious, massive purple box.

What just happened in Fortnite? What is the purple box?

A massive purple box, perhaps of alien origin, has mysteriously appeared in Fortnite, and no one knows why. Explaining all the details we know so far involves backtracking a bit: when the rift in the sky first started spitting purple lightning across the Fortnite island, players weren't sure what to make of it: purple lightning bolts seemed to be striking at random, but in such a way as to immediately draw the attention of everyone in the area.

Over time, players realized that the lightning was in fact repeatedly striking the same mountaintop, specifically a circle of cacti on that mountaintop, destroying them one at a time. Once the pattern had emerged, players began to suspect that the sequential destruction of the cacti was some form of countdown; however, the lightning nuked all of the cacti, and afterward began striking an adjacent rock near the cliff peak.

Cacti struck down by purple lightning bolts. Credit via reddit, FortniteBR
Cacti struck down by purple lightning bolts. Credit via reddit, FortniteBR

Thing is, the purple lightning didn't appear to be moving from its location; in fact, it was staying steady, striking what appeared to be every couple of minutes. The striking became so regular that users over on the Fortnite subreddit collaborated in order to calculate the strike interval, though group efforts to save the final cactus were ultimately unsuccessful.

After long enough, the purple lightning eventually summoned a massive purple cube, the likes of which can now be seen from just about anywhere across the island. It's unclear just what the cube represents; however, we do know that it is extraordinarily bouncy. It's also a great place to get into a firefight, as many players are taking advantage of under-equipped heroes simply dropping by the cube out of a sense of curiosity.

We still can't say exactly what the purple box in Fortnite is supposed to represent, but chances are good it's a sign of things to come — likely an event that serves as a segue into season 6. We'll surely be keeping a close eye on the purple box for now. Until then, be sure to check out our guide on how to get Fortnite's Boogie Down emote for free.

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