For Honor's limited-time Reigning Inferno event kicks off Infernal Dominion mode

It's getting hot in here.


With the beginning of For Honor's seventh season comes a new, limited-time event: it's called Reigning Inferno, and it's going on through the end of August. During the event, you can take part in a brand new game mode called Infernal Dominion, which sounds like a pretty good reason to jump back into the game if you've been putting it off for some time.

Infernal Dominion features a different ruleset than regular Dominion, with burnin' rings of fire dotting the area that can really burn your toast. In addition, there's a new set of buffs to try and help you perform a bit better in battle. You can see much of these new features in action in the trailer Ubisoft released, detailing it all. If you choose to participate, you can even bag a new cosmetic called the Reigning Inferno Mask, which makes your hero look undeniably awesome. There's also a selection of other fire-themed outfits, weapons, masks, emotes, and more.

Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire! It sounds like something you'll want to get in on quick, as the mode will only be available until August 30. That gives you just over a full week to get your flame on. The event's live now, so jump online and see what spoils you can take home in time.

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