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Huawei caught red-handed using DSLR photos as camera phone examples

But first, let me take a selfie.


Huawei may need a little help with prepping and distributing its advertising materials in the future, or at least someone to assist them with keeping things more on the level. According to Engadget, it appears that the manufacturer has been caught in something of a mistruth or at least misrepresentation in its latest ad for the Nova 3 smartphone.

The latest commercial for the phone features a man taking a selfie with a woman, who's not interested in taking one since she's not wearing makeup. The Nova 3's AI feature doesn't care if you're not wearing makeup, and as such as can just adjust your face to make it look like you are! So the two take a photo. But it appears she didn't even take the selfie with the phone itself.

The actress who portrayed the woman in the commercial took to Instagram account with behind-the-scenes photos, which revealed that the photo was actually taken with a DSLR, not the Nova 3. The guy himself was actually not even holding a phone for the snap of him taking a shot with the Nova 3, either. Very cool!

The implication is, at least in the ad, that the picture was taken on the phone itself. Obviously, Huawei never actually came out and said that it was taken with the phone, but the idea is here that the shots look so good, they look like they were taken with a regular camera! Which, they were!

It's a cool commercial, and an interesting concept, and we should probably all know by now that sometimes things don't come out like this, but it's a little bit misleading, that's all I'm saying.

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