Sony introduces four colorful new DualShock 4 wireless controllers

You know it's about time for a new controller, anyway.


Looking to replace your old, worn-out PlayStation 4 controller with something a little flashier? Sony has you covered, as there's a new selection of DualShock 4 controllers joining the lineup this September. They're a little more garish than you may be used to, but still a sight more creative than what we usually get out of Sony.

Starting this September, you can choose from the Berry Blue, Sunset Range, Blue Camouflage, or Copper DualShock 4s, each with their own unique color configurations and accents that truly make each controller pop. Each will be available in the U.S. and Canada in September for $64.99 apiece.

The Berry Blue controller, seen above, is a robin's egg blue with deep purplish/brown accents. The two don't make for the greatest color combination, but it's still a unique look.

The Sunset Orange option features bright orange coloring and dark blue accents that pop with the light on the top of the controller.

The Blue Camo option is just as ugly as it sounds, but if that's your thing, hey, you do you!

Copper is an interesting look, and one that we haven't seen much of with controllers in general. It's usually silver or gold, so it's cool to see copper getting some love.

Are you interested in picking one of these bad boys up? Let us know which colors you're coveting. Or, if these don't strike your fancy, you could also check out Colorware for some interesting looks. There's a wide variety of DualShock 4s available now, though, so you should be able to find at least one color that really feels like "you." 

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