The Arcade Crew announces Young Souls, a quirky RPG beat-'em-up

Never walk through strange portals, kids.


The Arcade Crew's latest creation is the awesome-looking Young Souls, a game with lush animation and artwork that features RPG and beat-'em-up elements. Written by Matthew Ritter of The Walking Dead and Nova Phase fame, it's a game that aims to weave narrative elements into the game for a seamless experience and "precise" gameplay. In short, it looks like it's going to be a good time.

Players will follow two teens, Tristan and Jean, as they adjust to their new lives without families. A scientist adopts them in the town of Portsbourgh, and they live day to day without anything exciting going on, until the one day they stumble upon a portal to another world. That part sounds pretty familiar, to be sure, but it's an integral part of the plot. It's a new and strange world rife with goblins and other creatures, which both teenagers must walk through alone.

Of course, they're not too alone. They've got you to help them out as you navigate the weird world across over 70 dungeons, solo and co-op mode with drop-in and drop-out support, and tons of hand-drawn 2D graphics and animations. Unfortunately, there isn't any information on what platforms the game is coming to, nor a tentative release date just yet. But you can bet we'll be keeping an eye win it, as it looks fantastic.

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