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New Blood Interactive's Dave Oshry talks Dusk's classic gaming pedigree

Our QuakeCon 2018 chat was full of homages to the hits of yesteryear and what to expect from the game's third episode.


New Blood Interactive's Dusk is a retro-vicious first-person shooter that takes cues from a slew of those excellent older games that made their debut on PC, such as Rise of the Triad, Blood, Doom, and all your other favorites.

Shacknews spoke with producer Dave Oshry about the project, and gleaned some information about what's to come still in the third episode of the game. It sounds hilarious, violent, and awesome at the same time, if we do say so ourselves.

"You can dual-wield basically anything," said Oshry. "We've got a crossbow that shoots through walls, soap is the best weapon in the game, it's kind of a cheat. We've got a really cool weapon that's coming in Episode 3 that we're not going to talk about," though he referred to it as a BFG-style option. We're definitely looking forward to seeing what that's about.

Dusk takes place around the fictional town of Dusk, PA, where a network of strange ruins are discovered beneath a section of seemingly innocuous farmland, which spirals off into some particularly strange happenings, including a ton of demonic possessions and all the other fun things that go along with what happens when you build a town on the wrong plot of land.

Dusk is currently available to play, but episode 3 will be coming soon as well.

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