Shack's Arcade Corner: Come On, Baby!

Greg plays the best game about babies ever made.


This week on Shack's Arcade Corner, our resident arcade junkie Greg Burke takes a look at one of my personal favorite arcade games, and one that I got to enjoy for the first time earlier this year when I got a chance to try it out in a real arcade.

Come On, Baby! finds you playing as a baby while competing in a variety of different mini games that you use the machine's oversized buttons to control. There's seriously a ton of weird stuff going on in it, with different babies to choose from.

It's truly awful, and not really a great game, but that's not what I love about it. I love its campiness and weirdness. I despise babies and children, but this whole setup is absolutely amazing, especially the fact that it does include a musical game. I also applaud Greg for looking up the game after my repeated requests in our company chat.

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